The Night of Freestyle Las Vegas Tour

The Night of Freestyle Las Vegas Tour

14. Oktober 2018 Aus Von PR Team

The Night of Freestyle Las Vegas Tour – In Brussels we will play for the big jackpot! 

In the season 2019/2020 the Night of Freestyle will come to Belgium for the very first time and has therefore chosen the Palais 12 in Brussels!

More than 50,000 fans will come to the Night of Freestyle Shows in 8 German cities in 2018/2019 to see the riders jump and flip over the ramps with every vehicle you can think of. Action fans in Belgium should now also get the opportunity to experience this unique show live!

The level of breathtaking stunts and tricks will make every spectator jump from their seats. For our Super Heroes Tour we have invited the best of the best in disciplines like Freestyle Motocross, Mountain Bike, BMX, Snowmobile, Quad and Buggy to present their craziest tricks. Of course, a lot of challengers want to compete against them and try to win the title of the Super Hero for themselves.

That’s why the athletic program does not have to hide. Planned are Body Varials on the bike, a Double Backflip and a Frontflip on the bike, Triple Backflips with the BMX, Double Frontflips on the Mountain Bike and a Backflip with the Buggy. Furthermore the Spanish tandem duo Antonio Navas and Rocky Florensa will be practicing on some new, stunning tricks while the summer, if a Backflip with two riders on one bike is not enough for you! 

Although they are not having a motor, the show of our Mountain Bike and BMX athletes is just as inspiring as everything else. The mountain bike athletes, among other things, compete at a „step up“ (high jump) contest and also a „Best Trick Contest“ is not allowed to be missing. Furthermore we are going to present a BMX Flatland battle with the current Super Hero Chris Böhm and a challenger. 

Of course, the athletic spectacle is garnished by a gigantic pyro and laser show and huge beats. 

However, our motto remains unchanged this season: this show only knows one thing, action! Therefore, quickly secure your tickets in the pre-sale and be there live!

Night of Freestyle Brussels

Palais 12


Doors open 5:00pm

Show start: 07:00pm